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by - April 02, 2017

I know summer season is not the best time to rely on dry shampoos because of all the sweating and ickiness you'd get once you step out of the house.  Because of the intense heat, it's nearly impossible to skip a head-to-toe shower.  However, I still like to keep a can for times when I take a nice second wash at night after working out so I can get to ditch my shampoo the next day.  It's good for the hair anyway, because over shampooing can cause dryness.

Here's the dry shampoo I'm currently using.

It's from a local brand and it's called Hair Fairy.

It comes only in one size (100 ml) but I think it's fine because I can throw it in my bag and I can re-apply if I need to.  A bigger version would also be great though.

This is my second bottle actually and so far, I haven't encountered any problem with the nozzle.  It sprays the product nicely - not too concentrated and not too dispersed.

I got two cans for only 360 php.

You can easily a find a reseller on Shopee and apparently, the price differs per shop.  Just check the ones with the best deals.

It has alcohol, starch, perfume oil and D-Panthenol, derived from vitamin B.

Since it contains powder, you'll feel some whenever you finger-comb your hair but don't worry, it's not visible.  This dry shampoo won't give you dandruff-looking stuff on your head.  And yes, it doesn't irritate or cause real dandruff too.  😊

The scent is fresh and a bit powdery but not too intense.  I noticed that the fragrance wears off after several hours so if you prefer making your hair smelling good all day err day, you definitely have to re-apply.

However, on getting rid of the grease, it's effective.  If you have extremely oily scalps though, again, just re-apply as needed.

Bring the can with you and spritz away! 😃

I love that it also gives volume and a little bit of lift.

I like to spray it on 3 to 4 sections and on the crown area.  Then, I would just do a quick rubbing and combing.

If you're looking for a nice dry shampoo that you could bring anywhere, go for Hair Fairy!  It's effective, it smells good, it's affordable and ultimately, it's locally made! #lovelocal

By the way, I think Bench also has dry shampoos now.  Will try those as well and I'll let you know which one's better. 😏

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