Lorac Pro Palette 1

by - April 15, 2017

I have already featured my dear palette in my "My Squad Does My Voiceover" makeup video and I know this review came in so late.  Sorry!  ✌

I bought this baby as a gift to myself after contemplating so much which one to really get.  I was torn between this and Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette because that's highly recommended as well.  It just so happened that when I was so ready to buy, I saw a good deal on Lorac Pro so I was like "here, take my money".  Hahaha!  😜

The first time I opened and swatched it, I was shrieking inside because it's so beautiful.  The packaging feels like a cardboard yet it is sleek, lightweight and slimmer compared to most palettes.

It also comes with a small primer and a mirror.

There are 18 colors inside and it's a mix of mattes and shimmers.  The top row is an all-matte team except White and Light Pink which both have very tiny glitters.  The bottom row is a gorgeous set of shimmers and a few of them almost have a metallic feel.

The pigmentation is amazing.  It didn't disappoint when I first tried it.  With one swipe, I could see the full color and they're just so stunning, except for the 3 lighter colors because they seem like pure powder.  It's fine though since I only use them as a base to set the primer/concealer on the lids or when highlighting the brow bone.

The formula is soooo delicious.  Haha!  Not that I tasted it.  😃

It feels very buttery and velvety.  The texture is so smooth and it goes on very soft.

I can totally create various eye makeup looks from natural to smokey because there are neutral browns and some bolder shades as well.  Also for me, a gold color is a necessity because it can really add some oomph to any look and a great palette should come with a black shade as well.

I haven't tried using the eye primer but I heard it's good.  Well, these eyeshadows are long-lasting on their own.  Maybe applying the primer underneath would even prolong the wear time.

I'll use the primer on my next makeup video!


- matte, powdery (almost chalky) and has tiny glitters
- my least favorite but I can use it on my brow bones instead
- comes off colorless unless you really pack it on

- matte but doesn't feel chalky
- looks almost exactly like White on medium skin sans the glitters
- perfect to use when setting the primer/concealer
- a perfect base color

- matte medium brown
- can be used as contour powder or transition shade

Light Pink
- similar to White but more opaque (pale pink)
- less chalky than White
-  has lesser glitters than White
- can be used as a base color

- a perfect matte mauve color
- very pretty when used all over the lids or on the crease

- a chocolate matte brown color
- can be used to deepen the outer corners or crease
- can be used as a transition shade for darker eye makeup looks

- a dark, rich matte brown, coffee bean color
-  can be used to deepen outer corners
- can appear as almost black if packed

- an intense matte black 
- can come off a bit patchy if blended by a brush

- can double up as a pale pink highlighter
- can be used on inner corners as well

- even lighter then Nude but not as smooth
- can be used as a highlighter because of the nice sheen
- its glitters are more noticeable than Nude's

- looks like a metallic copper than gold color when applied
- looks gorgeous on the center of the lids

Light Bronze
- a dark frosty champagne color
- can be used as a highlighter for deeper skin tones
- perfect to use if you want some sheen on the lids without a pop of color

- looks like a slightly darker taupe with a frosty finish
- can be used on the outer corner or crease

- a medium metallic copper/brick color
- can be used on the crease or lids as a pop of color

Deep Purple
- looks black when applied but it's a rich, deep plum color
- looks like satin with tiny glitters
- can be used to deepen outer corners

- a cool-toned blue gray with glitters
- can be used on the lids as main color or outer corners

By the way, I used my fingers when I swatched them.  Here's a close-up photo.  

Like I said, most of them are ultra-pigmented on their own so even with primer underneath, the color still comes off very rich.

I'm really in love with Lorac Pro 1!  I can't believe it took me forever to get a new palette.  Haha!  😏

If I were to choose my favorite colors (even if it's hard for me), it would be Taupe, Mauve, Gold, Light Bronze, Pewter and Garnet. 

I'll be doing more looks using this palette so stay tuned!  For now, check out these photos from the makeup video I did recently.

Garnet looks stunning when paired with Gold.  

Here's a more neutral look.  I think I only used Pewter here.

I doubt that I'd be wanting and needing another palette anytime soon.  Maybe when I hit pan on my favorite colors, that's the only time that I would look for a new one.  For now, the color combination is enough for me because I have what I need to create my everyday makeup.  Once I experiment on more looks, I would definitely re-consider and maybe try a few other ones.  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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