Pinto Art Museum Photos

by - October 22, 2017

My BenCab museum experience in Baguio left a mark and it just made me appreciate art more in all its form.  So one day, we drove all the way to Antipolo to see another one.

Pinto Art Museum isn't just an art gallery.  It offers more.

I ain't talking about the IG-worthy corners, though I admit, it's one of the perfect places to go if your feed is getting a bit dull.

Entrance fee costs 200 php but they do give discounts for students.  It's open until 6pm so make sure to take good shots during the golden hour. 😊

I suggest you go there one weekend.  I swear, it's worth it.  Even if you're not an artsy person, you'll definitely love the place.

your sweetest drug,

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