Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask and Cream

by - May 14, 2018

Happy Mothers' Day!

How's your celebration yesterday?  Did you get the perfect gift for your mom?  In case you haven't or maybe she hasn't picked one yet, here's what I could recommend and it's more than a wrapped present.  You could make her feel extra special by spending some QT with her and catch up on your adulting stories while doing a pamper-me-day session with her.

Who wouldn't want a 5-minute facial in a jar?  It's like instantly having renewed skin at the comfort of your home and with that, I really find the idea amazing.

Sephora PH recently launched the latest product of Fresh Cosmetics, a brand known for innovative beauty products focusing on a fusion of natural ingredients.  From sugar, soy and tea, they have come up with a new multi-benefit skincare line derived from one of Asia's traditional, native beauty and medicinal plant - lotus.

As our skin is exposed to a myriad of daily stressors, signs of damage like dullness, roughness, uneven tone, dryness and congestion could easily manifest.  And for sure, most of us have difficulties finding time to go to skin clinics to somehow destress our skin.  That's why it's very convenient to have products like these in our stash, so that whenever our skin needs to kind of reset, we can respond to its "SOS" call.

Both mask and cream have radiance-boosting formula powered by lotus flower and seed extract, the key player in Fresh's proprietary Super 7 Complex that is designed to minimize and prevent visible signs of aging.  It's a special blend of 7 ingredients, all working together to combat skin damage.

Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask

Apart from that mix, this mask also has kombu seaweed flakes, red algae and sea fennel extract to refine the skin and enhance suppleness.

When I tried it the first time, it felt like I just gave myself a fancy facial treatment.  The texture is quite creamy and I could really tell that the mask is packed with the listed ingredients.  There's a tingling sensation that would last for about a minute then it would feel really cool on the skin.  

And since I'm a big fan of facial scrubs or anything that feels exfoliating, my favorite part is whenever I massage it on.  The buffing effect feels soooo good.  The abrasiveness is just enough to get rid of dead skin cells and smoothen rough areas.

“By cocooning and gently buffing the skin, this mask restores your youthful radiance. And the experience of using it feels like you’ve been whisked off on an exotic escape.” Says Fresh Co-Founder Lev Glazman.

After 5 minutes, I would then rinse it off.  As it comes in contact with water, it would slightly heat up.  And that I guess, makes the whole mask thing not just a skincare step.  It's more of an experience. 😊

My skin would feel instantly softer and brighter.  I also haven't noticed any irritation so far, which I'm so happy about because that means the product is compatible with my skin and I can continually use it.  

Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

Fomulated with the same mix of super-charged ingredients, this face cream promises more than just hydrating the skin.

What I love about it is that, it's lightweight yet it gives intense moisture.  Actually, that's the thing I look for when choosing a moisturizer.  I don't want to stick to a heavy, greasy cream just to get the level of hydration I need.

Another great thing about this moisturizer is the fact that you could use it day and night.  It is fast-absorbing so need not worry about that icky feel or about messing up your makeup application.

Both products have the same "earthy" scent.  

I do plan to use the mask 2-3 times a week and the cream twice a day to check their long-term effects.  So yea, expect to see me finish these 2 tubs this year. 😗

As I was suggesting, give yourself, your mom, your sister or friend a treat by letting them experience a 5-minute mask.

So whenever your skin needs to recuperate from a long flight, tiring day at work, less than 8 hours of sleep or very late girl's night out, just allot 5 minutes and give your skin the "reset" it deserves. 

You can get both products from Sephora by clicking this link.  I also recommend checking out Fresh's whole collection of masks and other skincare products.  You might discover other ones that would help you out with your skin issues. 😙

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