Caronia - 5 Colorful Decades

by - December 22, 2018

So one day, a very hefty box arrived at our doorstep.  The moment I opened it, I saw 5 mini boxes containing nail polishes in every color I could think of.  There are spectrum of blues, reds, pink and even glittery ones which are perfect for the holidays.

The box marks the 50 colorful years of Caronia - a household name if we talk about nail polishes and nail care.  Each box represents a decade and the colors speak for it.

How thoughtful of them to let me try a wide collection of colors that they had released over the past five decades?  It's like the options are endless for every mood and occasion.

Psychedelic 70's

My top picks are Tahiti, Taupe and On-The-Go.  I love the vintage-y vibe.  These would perfectly match any boho outfit.

Vibrant 80's

This one features some metallic, glazed-like shades.  

My top picks are Platinum and Bourrée.  The latter is what I used in the photo above - an autumn color.

Iconic 90's

I'm gonna be biased here because I'm a 90's baby.  Haha!  😆

It's hard to pick my blue and green if the choices are like these.  Anyway, I had to pick favorites so here they are - Bohemian, Blue Velvet and Avant.  This box also comes with blue and green glitters for that sparkle you'd need this holiday season.

Modern 2000's

Of course, Caronia also has millenial pinks.  😚

I'm not a fan of pink, but Chestnut and Carolina Peach still caught my eye.  I also have to mention Silver Platinum, a nail color everyone can casually wear.  

Dynamic 2010's

This one also gave me a hard time because most of the colors are stunning! 

I went for two neutrals and another frosted one - Golden Bronze, Rainbow Tan and 24k Gold.  The one at the left side is what I used on my ring and index finger in the photo below.

Keep things colorful with Caronia nail polishes!  Check them out on Instagram (@caroniaph) to see featured colors and to get an idea how you could be "extra" with some nail designs.  😚

If you have painted your nails with Caronia colors, upload a photo in this post.  I'd love to see them! 

your sweetest drug,

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