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by - January 07, 2019

Maybe one thing you could still add to your resolution list is to show your skin more love this year if you have been giving so little attention to it lately.  Don't take for granted the time it's still cooperating and behaving fine, because the moment it starts to show signs that it's getting older, it would be harder to consistently get good skin days.  So my friendly advice aside from choosing the right stuff to eat and chugging more water is to begin creating a skincare routine if you haven't already.  Or for those who have it, do a quick check if you have the basic products because most people tend to forget one very important step - protect.

For those who are new to the whole skincare thing, one great set to start with is Althea's Bare Essentials.  However, you'd need one more product and that would be sunscreen.

The Althea fairies need no reminder because as everyone tries their skincare trio, they're already cooking Petal Velvet Sunaway.

No skincare routine will be complete without sunscreen.  Actually, I can skip moisturizer at daytime but not sun protection especially when I go out.  Take note, this product is not only for beach trips, outdoor sports and the likes.  You always gotta shield your skin from Mr. Sun's harmful rays.

This one has SPF 50+ and is formulated with hydrating key ingredients such as Damask rose extracts and geranium oil.  It's very lightweight.  It even feels almost lighter than a typical moisturizer.

The consistency is very watery and it doesn't take time to dry down.  I prefer putting it on the palm of my hand first after a good shake, then use my fingers to apply it all over my face.

It contains micro-powder particles for that needed sebum-control as well.  I love how it doesn't feel so drying yet there's also no greasy or creamy feel at all.

Are you also the type who hates sunscreens that give a white cast?  Ugh.  Annoying, isn't it?  Petal Velvet Sunaway doesn't give me that, so I'm super amazed.  The best part, after using it for days now, I haven't noticed the irritations that I usually get from sunscreens.  That means my skin is okay with the formula and I can continually use this baby.  Yay! 😚

Under makeup, it's working okay too.  There's no patchiness when I layer primer and BB cream.

The only thing I'm not so happy about Sunaway is the scent, but that's because I'm not a fan of floral.  It comes a bit strong but only until you blend the product out.

For 480 php, I think this is a good buy because even other drugstore or Korean daily sunscreens are a bit more expensive.

This would definitely go into my bag as I pack for our beach trip next month.  Haha!  #ineedyouthemost 😊

I love the little brightening and primer-like effect it gives.  The non-sticky formula is a big plus too!  It's perfect for no-makeup-just-kilay-and-tint days.

I have here a tiny amount of BB cream and concealer on top of Petal Velvet Sunaway

You can get it from here -

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