Careline Graph-Ink Liner in Black

by - June 03, 2019

I don't know about you, but when I'm at Watson's, I usually spend a good one hour hopping from one booth to another to check out new releases and other good stuff I've been seeing in my Instagram or Facebook feed.  I always know my "I only need soap and shampoo" would turn into a lie the moment I pass by the makeup stalls.  Hahaha!  Who's guilty?  😆

Anyhoo, one day I spotted a good deal by Careline.  It's in almost every Watson's branch.  They're selling their Kiss Sticks for only 99 php each.  I got 3 shades and also grabbed their most-raved about liquid eyeliner.

I'll feature the lipsticks next time. 😉

Many say this is a tough one and I couldn't agree more.  It creates an intense black line that stays put on my oily lids.  Unless I rub it, it does not budge.  Surprisingly, it could withstand teary eyes and eyedrops too.  No messy, panda eyes with this one.

It's designed to be a felt/marker type.  Actually, I'm more used to brush tips when it comes to eyeliner because it's easier to tight-line if the applicator is more on the flexible side.  This one is a bit bendy too, but such applicator is more for bold, dramatic lines and sexy cat eyes.

There's definitely a learning curve when using felt-tip eyeliners than with brush-tips.  I always make sure to use a light hand so I could start off with a thin line.

Aside from the fact that it's a super affordable, long-lasting, pigmented eyeliner, I like that instead of smearing, it becomes flaky so when it's time to remove it, there's no mess or black stain.

As you can see, it creates sharp edges and this is the width after one stroke.  The finish is not totally matte and it dries fast.

The only struggle I have with this is having better control.  I'm also still learning how to easily make a pointy end, so I hope they come up with a brush-tip version of this eyeliner pen.

Nevertheless, Graph-Ink does all the other good, more important stuff you'd want in an eyeliner.  I mean, for only 170 php, you'd get a reliable pen that guarantees no smudging all day.  Also, if you prefer felt-tips, I highly recommend this one.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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