A Studio Unit Transformed to a Cozy Industrial Home in Just 5 Days!

by - December 12, 2019

Here's the reveal!  Finally, I can now share this story and the photos of our transformed space!

Early this year, I spontaneously submitted an entry for a makeover giveaway.  To be honest, I forgot about that email months after.  Then one day, I got a call.  For someone who's not so lucky in raffles and what not, I couldn't emphasize enough how big of a news that was.  Then I realized, maybe I've already ran out of luck this year.  Yun na yun, one time big time!  😝

We are so happy about how it turned out.  It's what we had in mind - the industrial feel, coffee shop vibe and the black accents mixed with earthy elements.  The decors added a nice balance from the greens (hooked on plants now) to the picture frames and neutral colors.  I've been wanting to hang that moon phase thing and of course our travel photos too.

It's warm.  It's inviting.  It's like every corner is Pinterest worthy.  It feels more like a home now, unlike before when all we had were bare walls, a bed, an ugly wardrobe and a dining set.  Not to mention the cold, gritty tile floor!

For the longest time, I did not have a proper working area.  I'll let you imagine where I positioned myself with my laptop.  I mentioned we only had a bed and a dining set, right?  Wala man nga lang akong chair na may sandalan talaga.  Hahaha!

When I moved in, I focused on making the place functional.  Sabe ko dati, basta pwede na kumaen at matulog gorabells na.  Tsaka na yung designing part.  On top of that, we had leak issues too and of course, budget was a main challenge.  After a year, we thought of starting to work on the aesthetics.  The plan was only to change the furniture and making sure they would be positioned better and follow a theme at least.  

Here's my very pro drawing back then.  HAHA!  Galing noh?  😬

Those living in a studio unit probably know how tough it could be to maximize space while also making space for the necessities.  Even with a queen size bed, dresser, wardrobe, console table, sofa, dining set, shoe cabinet, kitchen trolley and a side table, the place still doesn't feel too cramped.  Yung pwede pa din maglakad ng maayos na wala kang mababangga or need usod.  Amazing!  

Storage is also key and now, we have enough (where we can hide our kalat hahaha jk 😜).  We hid the eyesores except for our dear water container.  Kung pwede lang lagay sa CR to eh!

And now, let me say a couple of thanks...

Thank you so much, Summit Media and Matimco team for making this happen.  Especially to Ma'am Nini for being patient with me on the condo permits and schedule.  It's a dream come true for me.  We thought renovation was too far-fetched but here it is, our home / my workplace is looking like a model unit!  

Thank you so much, Desaurum Interiors for transforming our space.  Especially to Ma'am Honey and Ma'am Rosa for the design magic and for accommodating our requests.  It's still hard to believe that everything was done in just 5 days.  We really appreciate how they made sure that there would be enough storage for us and the place would be functional and conducive for work while keeping the aesthetics on point.

Back when this unit was still deprived of style and complete functionality, I would be at a coffee shop to work.  Para naman maiba ung environment ko and minsan mas productive pag talagang nasa desk and may dating yung surroundings.  Now, seems like I would do it rarely.  Well, unless gusto ko lang din talaga makakita ng ibang tao.  Hahaha!  😉

A new home just in time for a new year.  A new look for our happy place.  Beyond grateful that I was able to tick this off my goal list with the help of the people I mentioned above.  

Maybe we'll do a kitchen project next time.  The bathroom is in dire need of a makeover too.  😗

I'll try to make room tour video so I can also give you more deets and talk about each corner.  If you have questions, leave a comment below or on my IG post (@ichipestano).  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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