Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks Duo Cheek Color

by - January 19, 2020

One sure-fire way to beat a dull-looking face is applying blush.  It's like you're all pale then suddenly, there's a flush of color on your cheeks which makes you look fresh.  Bronzer is good too because it adds shadows so when applied the right way, it does some contouring action.

And when put together in a compact, it's so much better. 

Here's a duo from the drugstore to check out.  For only 349 php, you'd get a pretty combination of cheek colors.  I believe Pink Sugar also has these in single pans.  Mine comes with Miss Independent and Morocco.

At first, I thought the colors would be too light on my skin but after swatching I was surprised about the pigmentation.  However, it's not the kind of scary cheek color that you'd need to apply lightly.  It's hard to overdo your blush with these but color payoff is still good.

Miss Independent is a rosy blush while Morocco is like a blush/bronzer color.  It's not too ashy to be a contour shade nor too orange.  There's a tiny hint of pink with this one.

The compact is in good quality and it even comes with a mirror.  Still no cracks even if I often bring it with me.

They are both powder but they don't come as chalky nor dusty when applied.  The product can easily be picked up by any brush.

Colors stay on my oily skin but do come off when I blot.  That's actually no biggie because they are powder blushes so I don't expect them to be long-lasting anyway.

Even if I'm obsessed with tints or mousse-like lipsticks that I do use on my cheeks as well, most of the time I can't be bothered with blush application so having a powder type is nice and convenient.  Just a little dust on the cheeks and light shading, I'm good to go.  It saves me time from all of the blending.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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