Adulting with Ichi - Home Cleaning Service

by - February 22, 2020

Aside from the stress coming from my monthly bills, it's also a pain in the ass managing time for work, hobbies and chores.  Oh well, that's pretty much how adult life looks like.  Can I unsubscribe now?  Haha!  Just kidding.  😅

Sometimes, you'd find yourself calling for help.  Good thing, help comes easily now.

I tried the home cleaning service by Busy Bee Cleaning Co.  I gotta say, I was also surprised when I left the cleaning task to the pros.  

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As much as I'm enjoying cleaning the house myself, there are times when I would rather spend the day resting or doing blog-related stuff after a hectic work week.  How about you?  

If you're interested about this service, check out their Instagram account (@bbcleaningco).  They also do offer mattress/carpet shampooing and anti-bacterial treatment.  

your sweetest drug,

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