The Throwdown - Drugstore Face Cleansers

by - March 08, 2020

So apparently, I gathered three face cleansers (actually, 4 because I'm also using one from a skincare set which goes into a separate review 😉) and believe it or not, I gave each at least 2 weeks before I switch to another.  I dunno.  Perhaps it just so happened that these 2 drugstore brands have been making some noise and I got so interested to check them out.

Roughly a month ago, I did use these day and night but since I've been trying out a new routine, frequency became once a day.  So currently, I'm using these in the morning after waking up.  I pick up any or depending on how my skin is feeling.

They all work great and did not cause any irritation to my skin but since they differ in formula, you might want to pick the one suitable for your skin type.

If what you're looking for is a cleanser that effectively gets rid of makeup, Luxe Organix Aloe Vera is your guy.

If you want a light, basic cleanser, go for Senka Perfect Whip.

If you want more than a cleanser, Luxe Organix Miracle Solutions has exfoliating properties too.

Have you tried any of these?  If you're running out of face cleansers or in the search for a new one, check these out at any Watsons store.  Nothing over 300 php and one tube could last for 2-3 months.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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