On-the-Glow Makeup feat. Glass Skin Series by Fresh Formula

by - April 11, 2020

Here's how to achieve that "uy parang naka IG story filter lang" look.  Haha!  The secret is not makeup.  It's skincare!  πŸ˜™

I've been using a new skincare set for over a month now and what a better way to show the effects than let you see a bare face and not hide it with a layer of makeup.

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Say hello to no-foundation days!  Clear skin is the best base so let it stand out.  

Glass Skin Series is one of Fresh Formula's skincare sets made for normal, dull or combination skin types.  Each box costs 999 php and already comes with complete products for a skincare routine - all in full size.  You can also buy these individually.

My skin looks more radiant and healthier and even though it didn't solve my grease and clogged pores problem, I still like the products especially the Rosy Glow toner and Golden Glow serum.

Kung hindi lang malala eyebags and pores ko, hindi na rin ako nag primer and concealer eh!  Hahaha!  I could really save time by going for a "barely there" makeup look.

The other thing I like about the brand is that, they use natural key ingredients.  Plus, they came up with these sets so that's very helpful for people who are still clueless how to start a skincare routine.

Oh!  Another product worth mentioning is Happy Skin Kiss & Bloom Water Tint in the shade Prim.  This red-brown tint is perfect for that natural flush of color that suits this effortless makeup.

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