Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation in Soft Beige and Banana Setting Powder

by - October 18, 2020

Here's a quick review of my current face base combo.  I know showing how these work through a video is a lot better but I feel like doing it only for two products isn't too worthwhile.  Perhaps, I could just add these once I film the next one, which would feature my recently purchased products.

I'm currently using two of Wet N Wild's PhotoFocus products.  For the foundation (599 php), I picked Soft Beige, which is I think 2nd to the lightest shade available locally.  For the powder, I have the Banana shade (499 php).  I wasn't able to include the PhotoFocus concealer because I already bought one from BLK Cosmetics, but I heard that's good too.  

I love the size of the glass bottle and the fact that it comes with a spatula.  It's easier to control the amount and less messy to take product out compared to others that you have to pour.

One dip is enough to get a medium coverage.  The consistency is watery but a good amount will not be too sheer as you blend it.  It also has a pleasant scent.

It has a pink undertone which is a new to me because I usually go for yellow.  However, it turned out okay because it doesn't create a shade that's too far from my skin color.  It just evens out everything except for the dark circles, which a concealer can solve.

It blends really well and it gives a nice semi-matte finish.  Although, I noticed it's not 100% smooth on the sides of my face because of dryness.  

Next is the Banana Powder.  It isn't a translucent one but it is still used for setting or baking.

Personally, I like using it as a regular powder to set concealer or foundation.  It has a nice texture and I think pairing this with Soft Beige PhotoFocus foundation is a good idea because it somehow balances the pink undertone.

Oh, and it doesn't smell like bananas. 😉

It comes with a nice big puff, which I never use.  I like using a brush.

Overall, I think this combo is a good buy.  The price might throw you off a little but considering the amount of the powder and how long foundation can last (until expiry of course), I can still say #valueformoney. ☺️

I like how it gives a soft, smooth skin filter just like on IG stories.  😙

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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