My empties and re-purchases! #watsonsedition

by - February 14, 2021

I liked 'em.  I bought 'em again.  ❤️

Here are my recommended products you can find in Watsons.  I've been using them for months now.  They just work so they deserve a re-purchase. 😉

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I have oily skin so I always make sure that the key ingredients in a product I use are suitable and can really help combat the grease and clogged pores.  Most of these have salicylic acid (helps clear pores) and niacinamide (regulates sebum production and brightens dark spots).  For those with the same skin type as mine, you can try these too.  

I also threw in 2 makeup products that I've re-purchased.  

Luxe Organix 95% Aloe Vera & Snail Soothing Gel (229 php)
I'm using this on le bf's legs because it's super dry.  This makes his skin smoother and moisturized.  I'm also using this on my UA after shower thinking that it will prevent chicken skin.  This is actually our 3rd tub (it's in the fridge) then I got 1 sachet (in the bathroom for after-shower UA care 😙).

I prefer Tea Tree because Apricot has a strong fragrance and doesn't contain any of my fave active ingredients.  They slightly foam up and do cleanse well but you'd need a bit of help for waterproof makeup.  I might get Tea Tree again.


To try the other shade, I bought the sachet version.  I suggest using them as base and not on top of makeup because of the watery formula.  

Luxe Organix Hydro Mist (229 php)
My 2nd spray was gifted to me (I put it in my wishlist).

If my The Ordinary serum doesn't come before I run out of this, I'll buy another bottle. ☺️
I think Luxe Organix released a 10% version of this.  

Pond's Vitamin Micellar Water Nourishing Milk (109 php)
This is soooo good.  I'll buy the 400ml bottle next time. 👍🏼

Pond's Pure White Mineral Clay Mask (29 php)
Another oily skin must have - clay mask!  This could be very messy to rinse so better if you do it in the shower not over the sink.  Don't forget to always put the cap back because once it dries, it's impossible to take the product out.

It's a bit difficult to wash off without residues though.

I also posted the video on Tiktok.  Yep, you can find me there too (@ichipestano)!  Should I do dance vids also?  Hahaha!  😉

Let's see if there will be another batch of empties and re-purchases in the coming months.  Please comment below if you're also using any of these.

your sweetest drug,

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