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by - December 05, 2011

"Everyday is a weekend!"

When you are looking for some place to just chill, hangout and eat some pica-pica specially on a Friday night, Central BBQ Boy should be on the top of your list.  

The place is kinda outdoor-ish, like a picnic area I think.  What I heard about this BBQ house is their famous mixed drinks!  They are so creative in their cocktail names.  

The place just brings good vibes after a tiring day at work. :)

I will not give a rating for their drinks.  I just want to share with you our very nice experience in Central BBQ Boy, Makati.

They have Happy Weekdays Promo.  When you buy three cocktails, you'll get a pair of pica-pica.  We ordered BADTRIP (best seller), SQUEEZE ME and MOJITO.  Their mixed drink starts at 199 php.  We chose Flaming Tuna with its pair, 3 pcs. Pork BBQ.  

Squeeze Me is my favorite.  Don't forget to ask the waiter to add ice to your drinks, except for the frozen one of course. :P  BADTRIP is a little stronger than the other drinks.  

Their Flaming Tuna tastes good as well.  After looking at the picture above, now I know why they called it "Squeeze Me". HAHA  

This drink will make your lips and tongue BLUE.  Too much Blue Caracao, I guess... but its cool!

Don't worry about it.  Its just one toothbrush away... *wink

One more cool thing about Central... their waiters!  Ooops, don't get me wrong!  Its just that they are so "game".  They dance and do a little "fire show".  They serve their sizzling food like this.

Their Nacho tastes good too.  I'm sorry, I forgot the price.  :)  

I tried to take a picture of their menu for mixed drinks and here's what I got.  See, I told you.  They are really creative!  PAMBASAG.  

One last thing, I saw a little section here.  Please read specially if you're a first timer at Central. AWESOME. :P

Central just proves that you don't have to hurt your wallet to have a good time with friends and family.

You can check out their site here: centralbbqboy.com

That's it guys!  Drink RESPONSIBLY! 

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Don't forget to take note the waiters' uniform! bwahahaha! ;) NOTED!

  2. Squeeze Me - your Stool equals Blue Shit..

  3. Dameng puke dito libre hahahah!


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