Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Maybelline's Watershine Lipstick

by - December 16, 2011

Check out Maybelline's Watershine Lipsticks!

It is a lip color that's made with Natural Water.  It really hydrates your lips making it shine.

I bought two shades.  I wanted a pink color that I can wear everyday and a nude one for my smokey eye shadows.

BM31 and P24

What I love about this Maybelline Product is that it really prevents chapped lips.  You won't need a lip gloss to add more shine to your lips.  

That pink one over there has a little glistening effect on the lips.  :)

Good thing there's a sale when I bought these!  :P

Look at the difference.

BM 31


I'm excited to use this on my makeup tutorials. *tumbling

Visit their official website and FB Page here.

Check out my NG videos here. HAHA

your sweetest drug,

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