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by - January 01, 2012

a unique swirling experience...

Frozen yogurt is a dairy product that is slightly more tart than ice cream.  It is a very nutritious dessert.

@Trinoma branch

Frutti Froyo is just one of the several frozen yogurt shops here in the metro.  I prefer this because I just love to create my own froyo!  HAHA :)

First thing to do... get your cup!  Fill it up with your favorite froyo or ice cream.  The middle is for the combined flavor.  I love their chocolate and watermelon ice cream! :)

Next... toppings!  From marshmallows to nuts, name it!  Don't forget to add almonds!  Trust me! HAHA :)

Next... more toppings!  Here, you can select fruits and more!  They have strawberries, blueberries, mango, etc.

You can also add syrup.  :)

Here's my froyo! :P  Now, its time to weigh my cup.  

It's simple... 19 php per oz.  Mine was 150 php. Not bad right?!  

Go ahead and try Frutti Froyo!  Check out their FB page here.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. is this the "typical" yogurt? i mean, there is actually what we call as greek yogurt. and it's a lot better than the regular one. get to know more about greek yogurt by visiting my site. :)


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