Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Maybelline's Mineral Liquid Foundation and Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder

by - January 09, 2012

I just posted a review for the foundation brushes that you can use.  Now, let's check out a foundation and a face powder that can give you that natural look, great for everyday use.

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I don't really like wearing foundation everyday, so I just go for a face powder.  For me, its like my skin can't breathe with foundation on.  I was looking for one that is just light and natural looking.

Thanks to Maybelline's sale, I bought one of their mineral liquid foundations.  After testing, I noticed that the consistency is very liquid-like and not creamy, so I guessed and because obviously its a liquid foundation after all, its not that heavy when applied.  It also has SPF 18 to protect the skin.  

To match this and because my Garnier face powder died already, I bought  Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder in Honey.  


It is true that this face powder is very smooth.  It really gives you that long lasting shine free look, but don't forget to retouch when needed. :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  You can now have an idea on what to use for your face to give you the coverage you need.  Just remember, liquid first before powder.  :) 

Good luck!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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