Pamper Me Day at Nuat Thai Spa

by - January 18, 2012

...there's no instrument more precise than human hand.

After two stressful weeks, I finally had time to relax and treat myself.  I got coupons for Nuat Thai promo last year.  For only 350 php, I can choose from Pamper Me or Anti-Stress package.

I've never been to a spa before.  The last full body massage I had was on Boracay and that was July of last year.

The timing was really perfect.  Its time for me to shake the stress away! :)

Reception Area

I went to Greenhills branch along Annapolis St. near 7-11.  At first, I thought that the whole place was just small with a few massage rooms.  Of course, the spa was a bit dark.  I think its normal right?  

They offer foot and body massage or scrub.  So, what's with the Pamper Me and Anti-Stress package.  I had to choose one.  

Pamper Me is a 90 minute body scrub and massage.  Anti-stress is a 90 minute full body massage and foot spa. 

I was really into body scrub, so I said "Pamper me, please?" HAHA :P

Nuat Thai Spa has boy and girl therapists.  Once you enter the second door, you will be assisted to take off your shoes and change with their own slippers.  If you are wearing closed shoes, your feet will be soaked in warm water.  I think its just for cleansing.

They have rooms for foot massage.  All rooms are divided with curtains.  Its really dark inside with relaxing music.  HAHA

A view outside the room...

They asked me to take off my clothes... all of it.  I freaked out.  HAHA.. :P  

I had to change to disposable underwear because I will be undergoing body scrub.  Then, I used a piece of cloth to cover up.

A view inside a room...

Its really clean everywhere.  The girl began by applying scrub all over my back and then, front.  Oops.. it was really awkward, but I didn't mind  :P  It felt good on the skin.

She wrapped the sheet around me and let it stay for 5 minutes.  Afterwards, she assisted me to the shower room to rinse off.  There's nothing awesome about the shower rooms, I expected that it will super nice just like the massage rooms.

She asked me to wear my own underwear and lay again.  She put lotion and massaged my whole body.  I really wanted to sleep, but I wanted to feel the whole experience.  :)

Overall, I was really satisfied with Nuat Thai's service.  You can get a free cup of tea after your treatment as well.  I 

Definitely, I will come back to Nuat Thai.  Their services are very affordable, but really satisfying.   I heard that the therapists are trained for the Thai massage.

Go ahead and allow Nuat Thai to give you that treatment you deserve. :)

Good luck!

Check out their website and FB Page.

What do you think?

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