TOUCH DOWN: Singapore - Day 1 at Universal Studios

by - January 23, 2012

I spent my Christmas vacation slash company shutdown in Singapore... BIG thanks to Poy!  :)

Day 1 in Singapore was all about Universal Studios

It was my first international flight and I didn't know what to do actually...HAHA!  It was a long two hour flight for me since I was alone.  All I did was... SLEEP...PLAY on my iPhone...SLEEP...PLAY on my iPhone...

First meal... Burger King!  We headed home, wait... I can't remember the exact place.  Hmm.. its around Little Road, near Tai Seng Station, Oasis Garden condo.  Did I get it right?! :P

My first day in SG was for Universal Studios!  This place is super awesome!  Words can't describe how much I enjoyed it! :)  Weee!

Its just so huge!  You'll love every corner inside!  Prepare your feet and legs because you will be walking and walking...HAHA!  

First zone... Ancient Egypt.  First ride... Revenge of the Mummy.  It is a high speed indoor roller coaster with super cool effects.  I almost died here.  I really did not expect that it would be that...ahm... scary.  But don't mind me, I'm really a coward for such rides...HAHA!  Don't miss this when you visit USS. :)

Look at us!  Last row, right side. HAHAHA

You can buy your pictures for 19 SGD.  It is an 8R-size photo placed in a folder-type frame.  Almost every ride has this.

Its time for lunch!  We ate at SCI-FI City zone, beside the Transformers ride.  Its a cute and BLUE cafeteria.  Looked like the super futuristic place I'm seeing on TV.  The rice (pesto I think) tasted good.  The chicken fingers were a little dry for me.  Sausage or hotdog (whatever) was chewy.  What tasted best was the fish fillet! 

Since I mentioned SCI-FI City already, here are some pictures at that zone.  Too bad I was not able to try the Transformers 3D ride.  The waiting time was 1 hour minimum. :(

Moving on to Madagascar zone, my favorite!  I was excited to see Alex!  HAHAHA... :P
Enjoy the river boat ride with the Madagascar gang!  

Again, you can claim your photos for 19 SGD.  There is another dining spot just beside the Souvenir shop.  Every zone in USS has its own themed cafeteria and collectible stores.  

Don't miss out the Boogie show.  Alex and friends will go out for a quick picture taking. happy!  :)  I enjoyed watching the Penguins as they danced, adorable!

Boogie Wonderland!

It suddenly rained, so we had to stop somewhere for a while.  We landed on Far Far Away.  Sounds familiar?  :P  

We tried the Enchanted Airways, a roller coaster...outdoor this time.  We were still in the ride when it rained again.  

We headed to Shrek and Fiona's castle for the 4D adventure. :)  Its a fun ride, I was smiling all the time. 

Watch the Pinoy Rockafellas at New York zone.  

I was not able to explore Hollywood and The Lost World.  That's fine because now, I have reasons to go back, right?! :P

By this point, I was contemplating whether to ride the Battlestar Galactica.  I had to think twice, no... I can't count the times I hesitantly thought that I can ride that one hell of a roller coaster!

Choose your side.  HUMAN or CYLON.  These two coasters are intertwined, like a race or better yet...battle.

Get ready because they will accelerate, drop, twist and turn.  The only scary thing about HUMAN is the first drop part.  CYLON has more drops and twists since it is a suspended roller coaster.  I had to take off my shoes! :)

Beware: Its a total suicide! HAHAHA (2nd row from left)

That's it!  Time to leave USS and buy some souvenirs!  Don't forget to drop by the Hershey's store!  It is just outside the theme park.  :)

I kidnapped Shrek and he's with me now. HAHAH :P Thanks Poy!


How about you guys?  What's your favorite ride in USS?  How was your Galactica experience?  Tell me about it. :)

You can find more information at their website below such as operating hours, ticket price, packages, etc.

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