TOUCH DOWN: Singapore - Day 3 at Sentosa and Marina Bay

by - January 28, 2012

Went to Sentosa with a hangover! HAHAHAH.. :P

We reached Sentosa from Vivo City through the Boardwalk.  You can also ride a bus, MRT, cable car or taxi.

We were not able to go all around, but its okay.  We tried one attraction and took some pictures. :)

There's a 1 SGD entrance fee for the ticket by the end of the Boardwalk.  

Resorts World Sentosa hosts luxury hotels, dining and shopping spots and the famous Universal Studios. 

Siloso Point is the home of Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon.

Beaches include Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.  Catch Songs of the Sea, try watersports and spa here.

Imbiah Lookout is a cluster of different attractions such as zipline, 4D and 3D, Nature Discovery, Tiger Sky Tower and many more.

Serapong hosts a Golf club and more hotels.

The only attraction I tried was the Tiger Sky Tower.

15 SGD - Adult : 10 SGD - Kids 3-12 yrs old

Its open until 9 PM.  Don't miss this! Its super amazing up there!  Glad we had to ride it night time because the lights were breathtaking! :)  

Don't worry.  You don't have to circle around just to see the whole view because its... wait for it................................keep waiting............................................................ROTATING! HAHA!

How tall?  131 meters above sea level.  You'll catch a view all around Sentosa and even a bit of Malaysia and Indonesia!  Woah!  I'll upload the video soon!

Next... the frustrated Merlion, HAHA.just kidding!  :)  The real Merlion is located at Marina Bay.  This is more like the dragon on Dragon Ball Z.  :P

Just one taxi ride and we're headed to Marina Bay.

Loving the view in Marina Bay Sands Hotel..... awwww. :)

Enjoy a cup of Starbucks just in front.  Too bad, I did not see the REAL Merlion. :(

That's it for Day 3.  A disaster happened after... someone lost his iPhone, but its okay.  He has Siri now. Yay!

Visit Sentosa's website here.

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