Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - When to Say Goodbye to your Makeup Products

by - February 27, 2012

Your makeup product isn't going to last forever.  They have expiration date as well just like any other products and we must know when to throw them away.  This is important because knowing that we put them on our face, using expired makeup can cause break outs and irritation.  Tsk..tsk..

This post will help you know when to say goodbye to your makeup and when to know when they have gone bad.

Lets start with...


They can live for 3 to 4 months only.  With each application (especially when you're retouching), the mascara wand picks up bacteria from the lashes.  If it gets dry or flaky before 4 months, don't use it anymore.  However, you can also try warming up the tube to liquify the remaining content.    

They can live for 1 year.  To avoid bacteria build up, you can sharpen before each use or "write" on a tissue first.  If it gets hard and breaks when applying, do not use it anymore.


They can live for 3 months.  Pencil eyeliners have longer lifespan than liquid ones.  I think this is okay because most liquid eyeliners come in small content.


They can live for 1 to 2 years.  It is advisable to put 'em on a back of a CD or on the back of your hand when used rather than dipping your brush on it.  If it gets cakey or dries out easily when applied, dispose it.

They can live for 1 to 2 years.  You must keep your lips clean before applying especially after eating.  If your lipstick gets brittle or dry, toss it off.  For lip gloss, if it gets thicker than normal, stop using it.  You can also dip your sticks and pencils in alcohol for a few seconds and allow 'em to dry.  This will kill bacteria that settled on the surface.


They can live for 2 to 3 years.  
Makeup products that contain a little amount of water are not too much prone to bacteria buildup.  
 Cleaning your brushes prolongs their lifespan.  If it gets similar to a chalk or if the colors fade, do not use anymore.


They can live for 8 months.  Using expired facial products is a big NO-NO.  If the consistency changed, stop using.

Its not always good to wait for the expiration date of your makeup product.  I mentioned some pointers that can allow you to check if it is still good to use.  You can also do something to prolong its lifespan by keeping them clean and storing them properly.

Hope this post helps a bit. :)

And yea, by the way... one more useful tip... you can label your makeup with the date when you FIRST USE it.  

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