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by - March 05, 2012

I'm excited to share to you our new discovery...

I am not usually seeing this dining spot around the major malls, but it really looked interesting.  The waiter said that the food served here is Malaysian and Singaporean.  And instantly, I remembered the chicken rice meal I ate at Singapore.

There's no special design in the place, but its big enough and......yellow.  :P  After dropping by at the Super Sale Bazaar, we went to Harbour Square beside CCP for a food hunt.

Now, for the food!

Perfectly cooked chicken in quarter.  Sweet sauce.  Cucumber slices.  Wansoy leaves.

Siomai.  Egg noodles.  Honey BBQ chicken chops.  Chinese cabbage.

Chinese cabbage.  Garlic.  Oyster Sauce.

Perfectly cooked chicken in quarter.  Cucumber slices.  Wansoy leaves.

Chicken rice.  Chili sauce.  Minced ginger.

Just knowing that they serve wansoy leaves here thrilled me!  Get ready for some appetite!  I loved how the ginger made the food even more flavorful.

The chicken was not served hot, but I think its normal for this type of cuisine.  They were hung in the kitchen ready for chopping.  I meant cooked chicken here, alright?!  HAHAH :P

Check out the menu below.

I can't say anything more.  Just go ahead and try this resto!  Serving is fast and waiters are accommodating.  No service charge as well.

I gave Chicken Rice and More.................. 5 BURPS!

Prepare your tummy for some action with very fulfilling and affordable meals here.

What do you think?

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