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by - March 30, 2012

Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Tony Moly's Hair Wax

MUAH post for *le boys! :)

What I noticed about guys?  They are so obsessed with their hair and how it looks like!  Sometimes, they will even get mad if you mess up with their hair...HAHA!  Fist bump if you agree!   read more...

Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Etude's Oil Control Film

We all hate when our face gets oily.  Sometimes, the worst part is the trouble of retouching.  You cannot just apply face powder anytime..anywhere.  

Thanks to whoever invented oil control films!  :)  It is the most fool-proof way to reduce oiliness.   read more...

A Shoot with Sir Edward Padama

I had a chance to join Sir Edward Padama's photo shoot and all I can say is that.......... "I'm now a FAN."

Aside from his great shots, the most mind-blowing part is his skills in post processing.  Whew!  read more...

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