Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - E.L.F.'s Concealer and Highlighter

by - March 20, 2012

Dark circles.... I know you hate 'em too!  They make you look like a zombie.  It is really hard to get rid of them unless you go for an expensive laser treatment. :(

Good thing, man invented the concealer!  This will give you painless and instant fresh look minus the eye bags! :P

What to look for in a concealer?  Answer would be... coverage.  I like my concealer to provide the coverage I need without being cakey.  

I bought this one from E.L.F. and it comes in duo - with highlighter.  

294 php

This post will show you the effect of their concealer.  As for the highlighter, I'll try to use it in one of my video tutorials. :)

I love E.L.F.'s packaging

Separate wand for each tube

Now, for the before and after photos...

Before... eye bags for sale.


I did not adjust the lighting for this pictures.  The eye area appeared lighter but still, there were visible lines.  I also noticed that the consistency is not too thick, making it easier to blend.  No cakey appearance after application.  

How many stars this time?   I give it 4. :)  

Check out their website and FB Page for more products.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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What do you think?