Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Washable Mascara

by - March 22, 2012

Noticed how wearing stilettos can make your legs look longer?  That's the concept of Maybelline's Lash Stiletto Mascara collection.  It promises 70% longer lashes.  Wow!

Brownish Black

I love how sexy-looking the packaging is.  It looks like a shoe heel (red end as the bottom).  

Take a closer look on the brush.  Too many strands are placed closer together and in different directions.  The formula is also thick.

Now, for the actual look.

Before... I used the same photo from my previous mascara post.

After... one coat only.

It is ultra lengthening!  The volume is okay and "buildable".  You can put 2-3 coats more.  Since this is in washable version, it is easy to remove but it still creates marks after.

It produces clumps and smudges a bit, so you have to watch out.  The only thing I hate about this mascara is the smell.  I can't describe it... its irritating and it won't come off!  :(

Other than that, I think this deserves 4 stars.  :)  It makes my lashes more visible.

What do you think?

P.S.  I got this from my Mommy's makeup kit...HAHA! :P

your sweetest drug,

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  1. it works, because its the only type i use

    1. it works for me too!! i just hate the smell.. :D thanks for visiting my blog!


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