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by - April 22, 2012

We had a quick dinner before watching Hunger Games in Edsa Shangrila.  Check out Cibo's two pasta dishes and an oval pizza.

"Real.Modern.Italian.We do it best."

Now, let's get down to business.  Starting off with a refreshing lemon iced tea with a little minty taste.

78 php

Our first order came, its Linguine Alla Ghiotta.  

325 php

shrimps.chives.stewed tomato.cream.chili peppers.bread

My Rating
  • Taste: 3 stars - Just a normal carbonara-like dish for me.  Its not too creamy and noodles were a bit under-cooked.  Well, I'm not so sure if its their al dente standard though. :)
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - Good enough for a solo plate.  It also comes with bread.
  • Value: 3 stars -  I suggest trying other pasta in their menu if you're really looking for a "sulit" meal. 
Overall: 3.3 burps

Next, our pizza.  We decided to go for a simple flavor since we ordered 2 pasta plates already.

Margherita (330 php)


My Rating
  • Taste: 4 stars - I loved the bread, perfectly cooked.  I didn't eat the outer crust though. :)  You can taste the saltiness of the cheese.  One comment would be, I was waiting for the taste of the tomatoes.  For me, the taste of mozzarella was more powerful.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - They serve pizza in an oval shape.  I love how they place it on a wooden board.  Nice touch.
  • Value: 4 stars - Pizzas here are below 400 php, 6 slices.  Good value since the flavors are somehow unique than other restos. 
Overall: 4.3 burps

Our last pasta came in late, because the waiter thought we didn't order it.  Weird.  But hey, save the best for last, right?  So true for this next dish.

Rigatoni All'Alfonso (325 php)

shrimps.chives.stewed tomato.cream.chili peppers.bread

My Rating
  • Taste: 5 stars - My taste buds were really delighted.  The noodles were cooked perfectly, not hard like the first one.  And the sauce....  Whew!  Not surprised that this is their best seller pasta.  It's so creamy and and the tomatoes tasted like heaven! :)
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - With this type of pasta, you'll think if they count this piece by piece...HAHA!  just kidding! :)
  • Value: 4 stars - Willing to pay for this mouthwatering dish.  
Overall: 4.3 burps

Service charge is 10%.  You can also find them at Trinoma and Glorietta.  Check out their FB page here to know other branches.  For a peek at their complete menu, click here.  Found it at their official website, http://www.cibo.ph.

What do you think?

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  1. Next time you might wanna try alla ghiotta with farfalle instead! :-) The best!


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