Beach Bound

by - May 01, 2012

It is almost halfway til end of summer even though it's not pretty much obvious because the heat here in the Philippines can really fry an egg.  *sighs

And with that said, I still haven't landed my feet on beach sands or even pool sides!  Poor me!  I'm looking forward to one this May and another in July (no typhoon please!).

So, are your bags ready for summer?  Let me help you out a little with packing.  :P

1. Beach Bag - Find one that's large enough to carry all of your items.  One more thing to consider is the material.  I don't like the transparent plastic ones, but its really beach-friendly.  Its okay to go for something that is water resistant. 

2. Swimsuit - Go and pack as many as you can...HAHA!  But for me, I'm okay with one per day.  One tip when looking for swimsuits, don't buy it if you are not comfortable wearing it.  Save yourself, okay? :)

3. Beach Hat - Of course, to protect that pretty face.

4. Cover Ups - Don't forget to buy one aside from several swimsuits.  This will make you feel more relieved specially when walking around.

5. Beach Scarf - You can also use this as a cover up, but most importantly as a towel to lie on.

6. Slippers - You can also use flat sandals.

7. Sunnies - This is to protect your eyes and to cover that bare face.  When you're at the beach, I'm sure you don't use much makeup.

8. Lip Balm - Your lips might be hurt too, so give 'em some love.  You might want to go for a lip balm with tint, so you can still have a little color on your face.

9. Earphones - Boosting your relaxation to 25%.  :P

10. iPod/iTouch/iPhone/iPad - Whatever music source you have there...HAHA!  Okay, let's say iPhone because I know you can't leave your mobile.  Yep, of course, I also know that you want to be Twitter-ready.

11.  Sunscreen - You can leave your toothbrush instead of this.  Oh yep, just kidding.  You can also buy a separate one for the face if it is just good for the body.

12. Hair Elastics - Trust me, you'll look for these!

13. Concealer - I'm not saying that your makeup stuff are limited to what you can see here, but I just included what I think are very important.  And a concealer is one of them.  Bring your normal makeup kit for a night out look.

14. Cheek Tint - Go for any.  I chose this because it's very easy to apply and you won't be needing a brush.  Cream based is also good because it stays longer.

15. Powder - You can replace this with oil control films.  This is to help you stay fresh after that beach side shopping.

16. Camera - You don't want to miss a great view and moments with your friends and family.

17. Small Pouch or Wallet - To place your cash, card and phone.

That's it!  Of course, I know you have a lot of other stuff to bring, but you don't have to "OVER-BRING".. (oh my, is that even a word?) Anyway, for sure you get the idea!

How about you?  What are your beach bag essentials?

your sweetest drug,

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