Lazer Maxx Laser Tag Arena

by - May 09, 2012

Thanks to MetroDeal for the discount on laser tag tickets!  We got ours for 180 php only per 15-min. game and it's good for TWO! :) 

This was my first time playing.  It's super FUN but tiring...HAHA!  A lot of kids was there to play and parents as well.

First, you have to go to the counter for the voucher checking and enlistment.  I'm not sure how many players they allow per game.  Then, you will be asked to wait in the Briefing Room.

Here, they will just let you watch a short video on how to play and to show some rules.  

NExUS.. familiar. :P

Now, for the suit. :)  You can choose whatever team color.  It was so unfair that time because our team, the Blue team had 6 players only including the two of us.  Others had 8 and 11.  They insisted to be on the same team.

I can't really tell how the game went in detail.  I just tagged the Red and Green folks, that's the objective of the game, right?! HAHAH! :P

I was just lucky because I got the best area.  I was able to tag a lot at the back!  *abangers??!

Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin?
Chuck and Sarah?

The result?!! I ranked 5th and Kris was the 3rd out of 25 players!  Huh!

Look at my stats!! HAHAHA... Though after the game, I can't walk straight!  My legs hurt for two days!  It was super duper worth it!

your sweetest drug,

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