Cosmetics In Your Closet

by - June 21, 2012

Heard the news from The CHIc Closet?  Just because we want to give you more treats aside from fab clothes... makeup products are now available!

Found a product from your favorite makeup brand in the internet, but also found out that it's not yet available here in Manila?  We feel ya!  I also tried it but the expensive shipping fee prevented me to do so. :(

So, now we're bringing them to you!  Some cosmetics that we offer are for sale here, BUT CHEAPER! :) 

Reserve yours now because we only have limited stocks.  Good thing is.... no need to wait!  No pre-order!  Everything is on-hand and can be shipped immediately after payment!  

Wanna hear more good news??!  SHIPPING is on us!  Free nationwide shipping if you order 2 or more!  So, hoard them now!  

Posted SOME of the pictures here.  Please visit our page to check them out.

All authentic, brand new and from U.S., just came in this week actually!!! We have more, so please do visit our shop!!! <3

Expect a blog review of some of these!!! :)

your sweetest drug,

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