Apps You'll Love - Part 4

by - July 17, 2012

Here you go, another batch of apps you would want to download. :)

1. Zombie HQ

I'm not sure if this is because I'm currently addicted to The Walking Dead TV series.  This game reminds me of Resident Evil.  It's very easy, just kill the zombies before they kill you. :D

2. Real Football 2012

Introducing.... my newest sport!  FOOTBALL!!! Hooray!  Just because I can't get enough of our weekend practices, I downloaded this game.  And I have to say, I learned a lot by playing this. :)  I even bought coins/money to buy more stamina.  You need that in order to proceed to a game, but don't worry, you can replenish it.

3. Madcoaster

I love this!!! It's a simple game but very challenging!  I can't get to 4000m right now...HAHA!  Help! :) You just have to get as much coins as you can, hit the birds and all animals in your way and avoid falling!  Please try this!

4. Battery Doctor

I really recommend this app.  It will help you preserve your battery life.  I didn't know that we need at least 1 full cycle every month.

5. Where's My Water?

Let us help swampy to get his well-deserved shower time!  HAHA!

6. 100 Floors

Remember Doors?  If you're into putting your brain to a serious workout, try this game!  We're stuck at Level 39!! :)

Hope you enjoy these apps!  Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

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