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by - September 26, 2012

I thought milk tea stores were the only ones having blockbuster lines.  It's so surprising that a donut store has unimaginable long lines no matter what time of the day!

If it's just for curiosity, I doubt it.  Imagine, waiting for at least 40 minutes?????  Their donuts must be really really good.  So, I tried it....and I have only four words to say... "It's worth the wait."

J.CO is from Indonesia.  It's nice to have an Asian brand here that sells amazing donuts!  They have branches at SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall and Trinoma.  I don't know if there are new stores though.  The line is just so freaking long everytime I pass by J.CO.  

They are making each donut by hand.  They will mass produce the base and put on the flavor one by one, but it's not the reason for the long queue.  It's just that people really prefer this now and forgot other donut stores....HAHA! :P

Let's take a look at some of their precious creations!

Their best seller.... ALCAPONE.  My favorite too!  It looks so simple, but very very very delicious!  This must have at least one slot in your box!

They have coffee, tea and some blended beverages too.  They also serve yogurt.  I will try this on my next visit.

Now, the price.  A donut costs 42 pesos.  It will be too expensive if you buy per piece.  The 2 dozen deal is the most sulit.  The price is 550, so that would be 23 pesos per donut!  Woah!  Half dozen is 230 and a dozen of these heaven sent donuts costs 350.  Not bad!

If the flavor you want is not yet available, they can make them for you.  You have to wait couple of minutes though.

See??!?! Yummy donuts!!!  What I love most about J.CO is the sweetness.  It's just right.  :)

Sorry for the pictures below... donuts must have been destroyed inside the box while in transit. :P

They have cool names for the donuts too!

Choconuttzy - has peanut butter taste

Blueberry More - i love the cream inside

Heaven Berry - not the usual strawberry jam.. it has cream inside

Green Tease - green tea flavored cream inside, this is Kris' fave

Tiramisu - My fave next to Alcapone!  I love the hint of coffee!

I can't wait to try other flavors!  They also have black forest, mango, avocado and many more!!  

Visit their FB page here for more updates.  Yay!!! I love J.CO!! <3

What's your favorite J.CO Donut?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. J CO deserves double or triple double uppercut! :D

    1. let's try other flavors,okay?! BUT!!! alcapone,tiramisu and green tease should stay in our box! :D

  2. alcapone, don mochino and choconuttzy FTW :D

    1. i might try other flavors when the line is shorter.. hahah :O


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