by - September 12, 2012

Bistro Ravioli is definitely one in my list whenever I crave for pasta or pizza.  Food is very affordable and delicious.  Every cent is worth it.  

We had our favorite Margherita pizza and Italian Sausage Ravioli.  You can check my previous review here.  We also tried their Diablo Wings.

270 pesos

You can tell them if you want it mild or super spicy.  It's crispy and flavorful.  I forgot to ask what is the name of their dip.  It tasted like mild mayo for me.  It goes well with the chicken, but I didn't use it that much.

One order consists of 3 wings.  It's a bit expensive but worth the try. :)

Match it with a pizza or ravioli, of course.  More pictures below. :)

Yum!! I'll visit again soon! :)

You can visit their site and FB Page for more information.

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