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by - September 14, 2012

Eyebag within an eyebag.  Puffy eyes.  Visible lines around the eyes.  We all hate 'em! BUT!!!!... Thanks to whoever invented the concealer.  It's heaven sent and that's a makeup product that will never ever leave my bag!

I've been waiting for this product to become available here in the Philippines.  Couldn't wait any longer so I asked my Tita to buy me one from US.  I've been reading a lot of amazing reviews about it and saw its rating on some makeup forum sites.  

I've been using this for weeks, as you can see, it's half empty already.  So, let me share to you my experience using this concealer from Maybelline... one of my fave brands. :)

It's called Instant Age Rewind and it comes in a tube case with a sponge applicator.  Hmmmm...names kinda offending?!  HAHAH.. Well, let's admit it.  Dark circles??? It's a sign of aging too!  

Thumbs up for the content.  I mean not all liquid concealers come in this size.  I used some and they lasted for about 2 months.

At first look, I was a bit skeptical about the packaging and applicator.  I needed to twist it a few times... several the first time I used it.  But I love it because it's a handy tube.  The cap is not easy to be removed as well, so no need to worry about losing it.  They said that the sponge has a special anti-microbial system.  No need to wash or even wet it.  They suggest to clean it with tissue instead.

This is the lightest shade, Fair Claire.  At first, I had troubles blending it.  I recommend this for normal to oily skin because it has a tendency to 'cake' for dry skin type.  Sometimes, it settles into fine lines.

The most remarkable thing about this concealer...... the coverage.  I think that's the number one in your checklist if you're looking for a concealer.  Another one.... it somehow highlights too!

I think it would be best if you blend it using your fingers, not a brush.  In that way, it will warm up a bit and that would allow you to blend it smoothly and evenly.

Maybe I can just breakdown everything....

What I love about it:  
  • Packaging (very handy)
  • Applicator (so soft)
  • Content
  • Good for oily skin (it's hard to find a product that suits oily skin)
  • Coverage
  • Can be a highlighter too (don't apply too much)
  • Can last all day
  • Not messy to apply

What I don't love about it:
  • Not available here in the Philippines
  • A bit expensive
  • Can be cakey 
  • Can settle to fine lines

Rating: 8/12 stars

It can be your perfect concealer.  It does all the work to keep you looking fresh and awake all day. :)

What do you think?

*Thanks Nikki for the camera! :)  Whew!  Awesome lens!

your sweetest drug,

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