The Chic Closet - October Collection

by - October 28, 2012

I'm really happy about this new collection!  Not just because of the gorgeous dresses and chic pieces... but also because of how the photos came out.  I enjoyed the shoot!  As always, thanks to Kris!  I'm the most comfortable person in the world when he's the one holding the camera and taking my pictures.  Well, except when we do it in public places.  HAHA!  I always complain when he asks me to pose in the crowd.  :P

Back to the October Collection...  this time, we bring you laces, pleats and lovely colors.

We forgot the cardigan!  My bad!  For the mean time, go and reserve yours now!  :)  We also have our first giveaway, you can check the details here.  

Some BTS pics...

Please visit my blog again because I'll feature each item from this set... more pictures! 

What do you think?

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