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by - December 19, 2012

Let me give you another Burp Guide post featuring frozen yogurt.  :)  Last week, I've shared to you an amazing froyo store.  In case you've missed it, you can check it here.  Today, here's another one with a red spoon, that for sure, you often see everywhere.

You can find Red Mango at almost every mall here in the metro.  The cozy chairs and ambiance make the place perfect for a barkada hangout.  Stores are usually small, but very clean.

They also serve matcha green tea flavored yogurt.  I haven't tried, but it looks good.  They have this poster which shows customers the top 3 trending toppings to match your yogurt with.  For the original, try mango, walnuts and honey.  For green tea, try red bean, blueberries and crushed graham.  Still, it's up to you.  Go crazy with your toppings. :)

Here's a peek on their menu. They serve coffee, waffles and smoothies too.

The smallest size is 4oz.  They can put your order in these paper bowls/cups, but I don't prefer take out when it comes to my yogurt.  :)  

As usual, create your own bowl of froyo.  They have assorted fruits, cereals and nuts.  I also noticed that they have mochi topppings!  Too bad, I didn't try it.

So, here it is.  Our froyo of the week!

Mangoes and almonds are still in the scene!  Kris if you're reading this post, can we please go for berries next time????  #IKnowMyBerries HAHA!!

Crushed graham really goes well with the sourness-sweetness of frozen yogurt.  It adds texture to the consistency.  

By the way, they have a new promo.... BUY 1 TAKE 1 MONDAYS for all medium size orders!  Yay!!

What do you think?

You can visit Red Mango's website and FB Page for more details.

your sweetest drug,

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