BURP GUIDE - Yugo, Cebu

by - January 24, 2013

Before I continue my Touchdown series and start my day 2 post, here's another Cebu food trip episode.  For my last night, Kuya Vince treated us for a scrumptious dinner at Yugo.

Yugo is a typical Yakiniku restaurant.  Food selection is normal.  You can find shredded pork and beef meat, few dishes, sushi, tempura and desserts.

It's located at the ground floor of Crown 7 building in Brgy. Kasambagan, Mabolo.  I can't really remember the look of the place so I can't say any landmarks.  :)

First section to attack..... meat!!!

For desserts, they have a small selection of pastries and sliced cakes.  They also have maja blanca, ice cream and the one I liked most... banoffee.

They also serve side dish and salad, but I didn't try either.

Looking for rice?  Yep, they have that as well along with other dishes like fish fillet, chicken, etc.

Don't expect many types of sushi/maki.  I was also disappointed about their tempura because it's too small.  The sashimi tasted good though.

As usual, I hoarded the beef strips. HAHA!  I was also satisfied with the sauce that I made.  :)  

Seafood section.  We only tried shrimp and squid.

There you go!  Everything on the grill pan.  You can also go for bottomless drinks for around 60-70 pesos.  I also saw soju on the menu.  :)

I was satisfied and left with a bloated tummy.  *KoreanBeefSong :P

Considering that a dinner buffet costs 470 pesos, it's fair enough.  A bit cheaper than the ones we have here in Manila.  

What do you think?

Visit Yugo's Facebook page here for more details.

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