TOUCHDOWN: Danasan Eco Adventure Park, Danao City, Cebu

by - January 20, 2013

Here's how I spent my first day in Cebu!  I decided to start this Touchdown post because it's Sinulog Festival today!  Viva Pit Senyor!  I miss Cebu and I really wish I could explore the Queen of the South more.

We went to Danasan Eco Adventure Park located on the mountain tops of Danao City.  If you're planning to visit this place, prepare yourself for a long and bumpy ride on the way to the top!  HAHA!  We barely survived the trip because of the narrow and rocky road, but it's okay because hey, it's part of every adventure, right?  And besides, you'll enjoy the view on the way for sure.

When we reached the top.... yes, literally... the first thing we did was to eat, of course.  We arrived just in time for lunch.  They have a small canteen and they offer meals like barbecue (150 pesos with rice, side dish and small iced tea).  You can also ask them to cook the dish you want as long as it's available.  Entrance to the park is 50 pesos per head.

First off... ATV!

For only 300 pesos each, we entirely had a quick tour around the place.  Beware of the muddy and extremely rocky areas!  :)

Here's the view.  Green all over!  You can also try their zip line or horseback riding for the same price.

The ride was almost 1 hour.  Sulit!

with the gang!  thanks Mama Ruby for the pic! :)

goats were everyhere :P

Kris' Windows wallpaper shot.  HAHA!

After the ride, we quickly changed clothes for........ *drumroll.... WAKE BOARDING!

First timer here!  It will look so easy when you watch others do it.  HAHA!  

300 pesos per head for two hours

Don't underestimate us! HAHA! We were able to stand from start to finish in the second round.  :P  

Don't be fooled!  I fell several times.  HAHA!  

I really enjoyed wake boarding!  I want to try again soon and if there's a chance, surfing too!  

Danasan has a lot of activities to offer.  It's like the all in one place for your extreme sports and adventures cravings.  

For more information on how to get there, accommodation and rates, visit their website here.  You can also check out their Facebook page.

After a long and tiring trip, we went to Casa Verde for dinner.  Check it our here.  

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