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by - February 24, 2013

I was saving this post for Valentines Day, but I got so busy preparing my "little surprise".  If you're wondering what I did, well... I was feeling artsy so I made a stop motion music video.  Using a drawing book, crayons, watercolor, colored pens, glitter glue and many more, I took 200 plus photos and wrote/draw the lyrics of Cater To You by Destiny's Child.  Actually, it looked like a grade school student's art project.  HAHA!  BUT!!!  I'm proud enough because I swear....... it's sooooooooo hard to make such animation!  You have to really think of how you want it to look like then, as for the editing, it must be well synced with the song.  Whew!

For my Sweet Baby...

Today, let me share two "couple apps" for all of the love birds out there.  Tweet!  I discovered this when I was searching the net for a V-Day surprise idea.

First, Couple - An App for Two.

You have to sign up and invite your special someone.  It has a timeline where you can send messages, photos and videos to each other.  It allows both of you to save every precious moment.  


There's also a very cool feature called "Thumbkiss".  Both of you can stay connected anytime, anywhere through a thumbkiss.  How?  One must initiate and when you're touching the same spot, your phone will vibrate.  Cool! You can also save dates, draw together and many more.  

If you are looking for more, try Love Byte.  It has a better interface than Couple.

Like the previous app, you can set a password to make everything private. 


It has a timeline too where you can save special moments together such as your first date, favorite food, name it!  You can also send messages, photos and videos by clicking the icon on the upper-right corner.

Here's the best part.  You can send coupons that look like a scratch card.  There are templates, but you can make your own.  

Express your "cheesiness" with these two apps.  And guess what.... you can download them for FREE!  Start creating your story today! :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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