BURP GUIDE - Brothers Burger

by - February 04, 2013

For sure you all know Brothers Burger already, but since it amazed me so much, here is today's Burp Guide post. :)

I don't usually crave burgers that much and I don't prefer having them for lunch or dinner.  But for midnight snack, it's a different story.  HAHA!  Nocturnal creature here.

The food here is pricey especially the dips.  One meal costs around 250 pesos.  That includes the burger, a soft drink in can and your choice of onion rings or fries.

Those are oat flakes, right?  

I was so satisfied with the patty's distinct flavor.  Yummo!  We tried the cream cheese with garlic and it was a good choice.  

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,

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