I'm Michelle Phan's Member of the Moment!

by - February 10, 2013

What do you feel when your favorite person, celebrity or someone you only see on Youtube replied to your comment or tweet?  Or better yet, that person picked you and even did a post about you?  My answer?  Well, I can't really describe it in words.  :)

A friend of mine tagged me on a photo of Michelle Phan's blog post today.  How did I react?  I jumped up and down with joy and excitement.  Hello?!!!  It's Michelle Phan!!  One of my inspirations!  She's someone I look up to.

Happiness!!! <3

Let me tell you the story.  Michelle has a blog series called Member of the Moment.  She'll ask her blog readers to upload their photos (related to her post) and she'll give the spotlight to her chosen member(s).  It's my second time to upload a photo and I didn't even think of it after.  What a surprise!!

"There were so many great statement pieces to choose from, but CHIXYLOVE's chain fringe necklace had us swooning.  Congratulations, CHIXYLOVE - you're our Member of the Moment!"

Here's my reply:

Thanks to Kris for taking my photos (as always).  <3  If you want to see my Lookbook post about the necklace, here's the link.  For the Member of the Moment post, check this.

Love you, Michelle! 

your sweetest drug,

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