Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Maybelline Baby Lips Color

by - February 20, 2013

Lip balm is a basic necessity of everyone's make up kit.  It fights the flaking and keeps our lips moisturized.  Some lipsticks and lip glosses can make them dehydrated, so applying a lip balm prior is a must.

Remember the first version of Maybelline Baby Lips here in the Philippines?  Fortunately, they heard our cries to bring the tinted one.  Yay!

For just 90 pesos, you can have an effective balm that can keep your kissable lips from drying.  It has SPF too, so no need to worry about Mr. Sun.

Rose Addict

The scent/flavor is just okay, though I can't distinguish if it's strawberry or cherry.  HAHA! :)

About the color... it gives a very sheer tint, not so noticeable.  It is very hydrating and makes the lips instantly soft and shiny.  

I think there is another version of this in a silver tube.  I'll check that for you next time. :)

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Visit Maybelline PH Facebook Page for more info.

your sweetest drug,

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