Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Silk Secrets Hot Oil Treatment

by - February 26, 2013

Our hair deserves a special treatment every once in a while.  Too bad, salon hair treatments are expensive.  BUT!!!!!  There's still hope, ladies!  HAHA!  I found this hair product which is not only affordable... it's very effective too!

For only 170 pesos, you can have a one-minute hot oil treatment in the comfort of your home.  

Serious ingredients here.  HAHA!  I hope they can make a "more organic" version of this product.  

You can apply this daily after shampoo just like an ordinary conditioner. But I prefer using it once or twice a week since I don't shampoo my hair every Monday if I'm working from home.  

The consistency of the product is similar to a regular conditioner.  The effect?  It makes the hair instantly smooth and soft from roots to tips.  I noticed that after weeks of using Silk Secrets, I have lesser split ends now.  I just hope the milk fragrance stays longer. :)    

It's not easy to maintain a long hair, because the tips get damaged and you have to go to a salon regularly for a trim.  So, do your mane a favor and give it's well-deserved treatment.  

What do you think?

You can buy this at Watsons or any SM Department Store.

your sweetest drug,

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