Fresh Brown Contact Lens

by - March 03, 2013

Here's the other pair of contact lens that I bought at a Buy One Take One promo from Geolica.  It came together with my Angel Gray.  Since I had to replace my Angel Brown, I picked this one from the Fresh Series.

I wanted a natural brown effect on my eyes and Fresh Brown is perfect for that.  As you can see, it's not so vivid and the black circle around it is not so intense as well.  


Again, my iris is dark brown, almost black, so when I'm wearing this, it doesn't give much color.  Just take a look the the photos below. :)

Without lens

Without lens

One eye with Fresh Brown

It will make your eyes/iris appear larger, but not too exaggerated.  It still looks natural.

With lens (both)


With lens

It may appear shiny and teary and eyes will become brighter.  It really blends well with the natural color of my iris.  I really like Fresh Brown. :)

One thing to note though is that, it's difficult to know the correct side (front) because again, the color is light.  You'll realize that you've put it the wrong way when you feel some irritation.  

So there, if you want a contact lens that can make your eyes still look natural and not-so-noticeable, go for this one. 

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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What do you think?