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by - April 04, 2013

Before the long weekend, we had a very spontaneous dine out.  It's my third time at Tong Yang and I must say so far, that it's the only buffet place that can make me sing the Korean Beef Song.  HAHA!

It was another boys night out.  I went with Roy, Kim and Kris.  Jupiter branch is only a quick drive   from office and I prefer it than Megamall branch.  DEFINITELY!  Why?  Because they serve unli MEAT!  (I have to emphasize that.... very important. :P)

Tong Yang is a shabu-shabu slash yakiniku type of buffet.  For just around 600 pesos, you can have unlimited seafood, meat, dessert, dumplings and drinks (plus beer). 

 Spicy Chicken Soup and Sinigang Soup

Basically, you just throw everything in. :P

Here they are!!!! Pile of Shredded meat!! Oh my! My fave here is the reddest of them all! HAHA!

little selection of sushi and maki

I like to wrap my precious beef with fresh lettuce.  Parang nakikita ko lang sa Korean Shows. :) 

sorry, looks messy :P

Another reason to love Tong Yang is because they have cilantro (wansoy).  Try their satay sauce.  Perfect for grilled meat and seafood.

Their ice cream was really really good!  Here are some photos taken last year, my first visit.

They have various seafood, but sadly, salmon is not one of them. :( (salmon belly only)

Leo and KM

Satisfied... as always. :)

What do you think?

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