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by - April 21, 2013

An eyeshadow palette like this one has been in my wish list ever since I became passionate about makeup.  Lakas lang maka-feeling makeup artist.  HAHA!  One downside is that, it's not easy to bring it anywhere.  Well, unless you have a pretty sturdy train case because placing it inside a bag will make it a bit prone to breakage.

BH Cosmetics is a U.S. brand that is known for high-quality (at the same time, affordable) and absolutely pigmented makeup palettes.  They have up to 120 colors, covering the neutrals, smokey, glamorous, and even shimmery.

They have endless spectrum to choose from and it comes in a sleek packaging.  It will help you create the professional-looking eye makeup.  

I bought the 88 color palette in Matte and Shimmer online and had it delivered to my Tita's U.S. Address, since shipping to Manila is very costly.  I decided to personally use Matte instead and sell the other one in our shop.  Let me advertise it here!  HAHA!  It's 800 pesos only!

Actually, I'm not using this often since I still have my other eyeshadows (mostly neutral).  I'm happy about the color combinations.  From simple to sultry browns to gorgeous greens and purples.  It also has the pretty pinks and refreshing blues.  Everything covered!  It really looks like a watercolor.  Let's try to do an art project, shall we???  :P

Even though this is a matte palette, I noticed that it still has a few of pearly, shimmery and metallic colors.  In fact, that's not a problem at all.  It's a plus point because I get to have a little variation.  :)  

See how pigmented it is?  It's a bit powdery, so you have to tap off the excess before applying.  Even if the color is already vivid, you might still need the help of your eye primer because it somehow gradually disappears when you start to blend.  

Some has a little shimmer so, you can combine this with the really matte ones.  Since I don't have a fair complexion (yes, I accept it, fine, thank you), the bright colors don't look that good on me.  I still have to explore more on that.  But I think the sultry browns would be perfect!  :)

There are other brands that offer such palettes, but I'm happy with my purchase from BH Cosmetics.  A very good choice for my first ever feeling-makeup-artist eyeshadow.  All I have to do is to choose, mix, blend and have fun creating masterpieces that will make my eyes pop. :)

What do you think?

Visit our shop here if you're interested in buying the 88 Color Palette Shimmer Eyeshadow. :)

your sweetest drug,

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