Green Tea Goodness

by - May 30, 2013

For those who work on mid and night-shifts, addiction to something that can wake you up is a norm.  I think coffee is the ultimate answer for those "sleepy and feeling-lazy moments" (aside from that "killer paper-roll" we all know as cigarette.  I understand because stress comes from everywhere and now, I bet you know what's next.  My "I've been there, done that." expression.  HAHA!

I can't believe I've been coffee-free since....uhm.. well, I can't remember but I think for months now.  My quick late night coffee date with Kris recently is an exception.  :)  It's decaf yow!  HAHA!  Honestly, even frappe tastes weird now.

I've switched to something more beneficial in terms of health of course.  I can't say cheaper because it costs me at least 65 pesos everytime except when I go for tea bags.  It also contains that essential stimulant called caffeine that keeps you productive throughout the day.  In Urban Dictionary, they define it as "the only drug that's socially acceptable to be completely addicted to".  HAHA!

Here it is.  GREEN TEA.

I won't enumerate all the benefits here on my post because you can find that in Google. *wink  But let me talk about 3 good things that I really really appreciate about it.

Skin Care

Green Tea is present in many skin care products in the market today.  Why?  Because they fight free radicals that help in aging and damage.  One of the best antioxidants.

This type of tea undergoes the least oxidation during processing.  In other words, less processed = more benefits.  

Aside from drinking this heaven sent, I sometimes use it as a facial scrub.  After steeping, I remove it from the bag and add honey.  The result?  Instant smooth skin.


A lot of people have already relied to green tea for weight loss.  Even if it doesn't drastically rev up your metabolism, it can really help you reduce some amount of fat.  According to this site, it accelerates metabolism by 4% and that is equal to 100 calories a day.

Stomach Pain

I don't know why but I'm really prone to stomach pain.  It's the bloated feeling after eating.  It's like there's so much gas inside!  HAHA!  I depend on "Buscopan" for the relief, but recently, I've found out that green tea works like a charm.  Try it!  Hot, okay??

Because of the endless benefits, you can almost replace drinking water.  HOHO! :P  I know it's hard to appreciate the taste at first, but you can always make it sweeter by adding honey.  Yes, I said honey instead of sugar. :)

I also learned that it's better to drink tea in between meals, not during.  Here are my faves.


Basic Jasmine Green Tea - not recommended if you're starting, it's a bit strong but you'll appreciate the flowery taste (for me, "mas lasang dahon mas okay!")

Honey Green Tea - love it!  Instant perk up!  I prefer zero sugar.

Gong Cha

Hot Honey Green Tea - perfect after a "pig-out"
House Special Green Tea - recommended for first timers :)

Dearest GREEN TEA... I heart you! <3

So, are you ready to switch now?  What do you think?  

your sweetest drug,

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  1. nice post. I've been considering green tea for a time now. Now, I really gotta start!

    1. go for it! :) it's okay to be addicted! haha! :)

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