DIY Spotting - Twisted Cutout Cover-Up/Dress

by - June 20, 2013

You all know how I love little surprises on any piece of clothing, especially those featuring an element of subtle skin exposure.  HAHA!  Last year, I saw this twisted cutout dress from fashion blogs and Lookbook.  I wasn't able to buy one and it's now hard to look for it.  So, to solve this #commongirlproblem, I thought of finding a DIY instead.  Sometimes, it's fun to experiment and alter your own clothes.  Well, uhm... except if they're expensive and it didn't turn out right.  :P

I don't have a video of me making it, so I'll just give you the Youtube link later.  It's intended to be a cover up and not a dress that I can wear anytime, anywhere... so I looked for a very loose, lightweight plain tee... a cheap one of course.  :)  I got mine from Bench.  If you want it to be extra sexy, go for bandage dresses.  If you don't want to spend money, time to grab your boyfriend's/daddy's/brother's shirts.  HAHA!

The awesome thing about this DIY is that, all you need is 2 minutes plus, no sewing needed!  But if you don't want to show the rough edges after cutting, you could use a little seaming.  

Let me show some photos.

1.  Cut a triangle on both sides.  Don't forget to mark the placing first.  

2.  You don't have to cut a BIG triangle because it will eventually stretch.  Leave enough space at the middle, so you can get a better twist.

3.  Like I said, you can sew the edges.  

Next, the twisting part.  It could be a little tricky, so I suggest..  just watch the video.  HAHA!  Here's the link.  

But the trickier part is wearing it.  My tip is to hold the "neckhole" (I don't know what's the right term for that.  HOHO!)  on both sides, then grab the cutout part.  Your goal is to make it look like you'll be wearing a skirt.  Get it?  I promise... there would be no leg holes, just one big skirt like hole.  :P

I'd like to make one again, but with a thicker and fitted fabric.  It's now my favorite cover up!  Love it! 

If you can't still figure how to make one, let me know.  I'll help you! :D  You can also use old shirts.  Practice first?  

What do you think?

Thanks Mae for taking my photos! :)

your sweetest drug,

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  1. I love the dress, how tall are you, and witch size shirt had you used ? :)

    1. i'm size small, but i picked XL for this DIY. :)

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