Just In! - The Body Shop and Human Nature

by - June 28, 2013

More products to try!  Yay!

I got two products from The Body Shop, 1 free shower gel and the other one is oil-control sheets.  Maybe you're wondering why it's is free.  :)  If you spend 1000 (or 900, can't remember) pesos, they will offer you their rewards card.  You can get vouchers by collecting stamps with every 900 pesos spent in a single receipt.  I forgot to take a picture so I'll just show it on the separate post.  They also asked me to download Perkd.  It's a cool app where you can register different membership cards and it will show available offers per shop.  

I'll tell you more about the blotting tissues next time.  Nice packaging, right. 

Next is this hair mask from Human Nature.  My hair suffers from dryness lately because of my anti-hair fall shampoo and I wanted an alternative to Silk Secrets treatment.  Besides, I'm now a fan of organic products.  Just tried it today and loving it already. A full post coming soon. :)

A quick update... will say goodbye to my 8pm to 5am shift tomorrow!  It extremely messed up my body clock and my workout sched too!  Sad. :(  Anyway, hope to catch up with the June On Fire Calendar next week.

Hmmm.. what else... Ah right!  I just turned 3!!  3 years in HP, that is!  Happy 3rd HP-nniversary to me!  It's really something to be thankful for.  

your sweetest drug,

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