Just In! - Toner, Cleanser, Necklace and Swimsuit

by - June 12, 2013

Happy Independence Day, Philippines! :)  Oh I just love holidays in between work days.  Such a breather.  But I love looooong weekends too!  I can't believe it's been a week already since my last day at the office.  I worked from home last Wednesday, then had my Boracay trip the following day until Sunday.  I started the week with my usual Monday & Tuesday WFH, so now... it feels like I should miss going to the office.

I have a few stuff to try and test before doing a review.  I also need to draft my Touchdown post about my 3rd time in one of my most favorite place on earth.  HAHA!  I'll share a DIY dress/cover up that I used, the swimsuits I wore and more outfit posts.  Whew!  Hopefully, I can finish them all and won't skip blogging again for more than 2 days.  *crossingfingers

I'll be trying out a new toner very soon since my second bottle of Etude Wonderpore Freshner is almost empty.  It's from L'Oreal and just so you know, I was sold when I read the "Anti-Shine" and "Mattifying" in the label.  Hopefully, it will get rid of my oily T-Zone.  Pook duckie. :(

The other skin care product I bought came from Zalora.  Like I said, I'm trying my best to go organic and natural.  HAHA! :)   It's a non-foamy cleanser and it can double up as a makeup remover.  It's very travel friendly because you can clean your face anytime, anywhere.  No need to rinse with water.  

As usual, I'm gonna write a separate post for each.  :)

I also got this simple neon necklace from a Department Store.  I wanna have more neon and colorful accessories.  Puro gold and silver na lang kase choices ko!  HOHOHO!  :)

Lastly, my second swimsuit.  Probably, you've already seen this several times because this one is a best-seller online.. or on Instagram at least. :)  Hopefully, you won't feel sick when you see my photo wearing this.  HAHA! :P

What do you think?

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